PSLifestyle took part in the Nature - Health Fair 2022 in Ljubljana

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PSLifestyle took part in the Nature - Health Fair 2022 in Ljubljana

"Oh, I know – I should definitely fly less!”

“Wonderful! That is a pretty low number, right? Looks like I’m doing great…and my son is even crazier about cycling!”

“It’s a great way to learn about your environmental impact. We all should take such test!”

These are just few reactions we got from the visitors and first-time users of the PSL app. And where else to meet the crowds and open the conversation about sustainability and our lifestyles but on the annual fair Nature – Health that every year attracts hundreds of enthusiasts from around Slovenia.

The 52nd Nature-Health Fair for a healthy lifestyle took place from September 9 to 11 in Ljubljana. This year's content emphasized the importance of health, healthy diet, exercising and well-being, as well as the environment and the contact with nature. In parallel, the 15th Children's Bazaar, the largest educational and entertaining event for young families took place. The program of the fair, interesting and attractive for all generations, featured over 100 lectures, workshops, courses, various testing, consultations, round tables, etc.

The PSLifestyle project drew lots of attention and interest from the visitors, from students to active public and retired seniors, and the team got them engaged with the project, the PSL tool prototype, and our activities in living labs Ljubljana.

At the dedicated PSLifestyle stand we:

  • Introduced the project and its objectives. Informed about what is carbon footprint and personal carbon footprint calculation, as well as the PSLifestyle project and the next steps in the PSL tool development - 100 smart everyday actions. We actively engaged more than 200 participants!
  • Invited the participants to test their carbon footprint with the beta version of the PSL tool. Over 100 tests were taken! New lowest carbon footprint score was recorded – just 1770 kg CO2 ekv/year. Congratulations!
  • Invited participants to share their views on sustainable lifestyle, its barriers and enablers, and areas with the most potential for a change, focusing on 4 lifestyle areas: housing, mobility, food & consumption.
    The positive feedback we received gives us great motivation for the future endeavors. We are looking forward to meeting more live audiences in the events around Slovenia in the following months of the project.

First occasion is coming up shortly in our Living Lab Ljubljana on September 28th and November 9th. Sign up here!

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