The PSLifestyle Living Labs Ready to Kick-Off: Empowering Changemakers to Shape a Good Life for All

9 May 2022

The PSLifestyle Living Labs Ready to Kick-Off: Empowering Changemakers to Shape a Good Life for All

The vision of a good life connects people around the globe: a life that respects planetary boundaries by protecting the climate, preserving and protecting biodiversity, stoping air and water pollution or reducing waste. There is growing momentum as to how sustainable lifestyles can be a catalyst for aligning personal wellbeing with that of the planet.

Nonetheless, citizens as well as key actors (policy makers, business, civil society, academia) all too often face gridlocks when trying to break down what a good life in harmony with nature means. This way, ambitious targets, products or services formulated by key actors mean well, but do not always reflect the realities of different groups in society, inhibiting their uptake.

The PSLifestyle Living Labs will focus precisely on this. The labs will bring together European citizens to co-create and shape visions of a good life – within planetary boundaries as well as design solutions for making those visions a reality. All of this from the perspective of their local realities and on basis of joint learning processes.

Throughout six Living Lab workshops, between April 2022 and March 2023, together with members of their community and city, citizens participating in the PSLifestyle Living Labs will have the opportunity to:

  • Exchange on challenges they face in their neighbourhood/cities/regions in general and for more sustainable living throughout four key areas such as food, mobility, housing and general consumption/leisure
  • Co-design solutions and every day actions that hold potential for overcoming those challenges and increase our share of sustainable living
  • Exchange on barriers that could inhibit the uptake of those solutions as well as on opportunities that could accelerate their wider roll out
  • Build future pathways/recommendations of social, economic, political and other nature to key actors that could support making the visions of good life, within planetary boundaries a reality.

The output of the Living Labs with the citizens will be directly fed into the content creation of the PSLifestyle tool, an online tool to increase awareness regarding individual impacts on the environment and support changing behaviours towards more sustainable patterns. Besides co-defining this content, the participants of the living labs will be engaged to co-create the features and functionalities of the PSLifestyle online tool, too. The approach will ensure that the tool reflects the needs and expectations of its users and as such increase the chances of its broad and continuous usage.

The PSLifestyle Living Labs will be established throughout the 8 project pilot countries, namely, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Turkey.

Are you located in one of these countries and working with citizens who are keen to actively engage? Share this opportunity with them and let’s join hands!

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101037342.