The PSLifestyle Project Will Launch Final Living Lab Meetings in 8 European Countries!

9 March 2023

The PSLifestyle Project Will Launch Final Living Lab Meetings in 8 European Countries!

To support people in measuring and reducing their ecological impact, our PSLifestyle project has been working on an easy-to-use and solution-oriented tool. The PSL tool, which will be introduced to the public in late spring 2023, is in the final development rounds and will enable individuals across Europe to take up more sustainable lifestyles through personalised suggestions for everyday choices. Are you curious to learn more, and co-shape the final PSL tool features? If you live in any of the following countries - Portugal, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Greece and Türkiye – don’t miss our last PSLifestyle lab meetings at the end of April and beginning of May 2023!

Participants of the lab meetings will have the chance to get to know and work with the latest version of the PSL tool as well as create plans on how to make their lifestyles more sustainable. Moreover, they will be able to exchange with the project team and fellow peers on barriers and opportunities toward more sustainable lifestyle patterns. The exchange will be driven by a strong local perspective, boiled down to the day-to-day reality of the participants and their local/regional contexts.

One of the key goals of the PSL tool is to achieve a supportive and engaging environment for its users. Therefore, in addition to exchanges on the content side, together with the lab participants, we will also discuss about their impressions on some of the PSL tool’s features that allow for such an environment. For example, one idea is to share results of the lifestyle test with their peers via social media or a feature that gives insights with which other social groups they share lifestyle characteristics. Participants will also have the chance to propose other ideas and features that could be integrated into the PSL tool.

The final PSLifestyle lab meetings are a continuation of a journey of four previous meetings that started in 2022. In the first two meetings, participants were introduced to the PSL tool and the concept of sustainable lifestyles, while in the following two, the everyday actions that are now central to the PSL tool were co-created.

Does this sound interesting to you? Would like to participate in the PSLifestyle living lab meetings and co-create solutions? Then, discover the living labs in your country now!

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101037342.